Access to IDC clinical data through `idc-index`

Hi Andrey,

Regarding all the other clinical spreadsheet info that you have imported to BigQuery, do you think it would make sense to somehow make that part of idc-index? Maybe you could create some kind of getClinicalData() function that ingests a collection name and extracts all the related clinical data from BigQuery into dataframes? Or are the spreadsheet data small enough you could distribute them directly within the idc-index package so users don’t need to authenticate with Google to access them?


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@kirbyju we do consider adding those. Technically, adding them as release attachments should be straightforward, but we need to think how to organize and provide access to those tables via idc-index. We have a few other items on the list for idc-index features. This one is definitely a priority too. I will try to remember to update this thread when we get to this, and I created an issue to track the status: Add support for access to clinical data · Issue #73 · ImagingDataCommons/idc-index · GitHub.

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