Case / subject level

Why is the case/subject level not shown in IDC? Can it be accessed?
I imagine that users want to link data across data commons and these connections are based on subject IDs.
Example: TCGA-AO-A0JB has three studies in IDC. The Genomic Data Commons also has data for this subject.
Are there plans post MVP to support a query by case/subject ID?

Good point, I was thinking the same thing during the demo today. I admit I do not recall why we decided not to include it, or maybe it was just missed in the initial implementation plan.

Is it possible this was caught up in the issues around which case ID to use? The human readable IDs from TCGA are certainly the most recognized but have the usual problem with human readable IDs, they can change without warning (though probably not a problem for a project that’s been completed like TCGA). Unfortunately the UUIDs associated with the barcodes are a bit of a mess as well though ISB-CGC may have a handle on it. But I think it’s a great use case, if users can see or find the barcodes they could use those at GDC.

By the way, this would be a good use case for IDC use of CDA. CDA is going to have to tackle some of the thorny underlying issues and that could save IDC some headaches.

Todd, no - I don’t think that was the reason. The IDs we expose and use in the IDC interface are coming from the DICOM PatientID attribute - we take those “as is”.

I don’t think we ever had a discussion about how PatientIDs should or could be revised. I think the conventions that TCIA uses (for those collections where TCIA assigns the IDs) result in reasonably human readable PatientIDs, and should be unique within TCIA.

Corresponding issue: Add "case" level to the search results navigation panel on the right · Issue #415 · ImagingDataCommons/IDC-WebApp · GitHub. Same observation was made by @dclunie.