IDC is now in Google Public Dataset Program + Dec 2021 release is out!

:fireworks: IDC December 2021 release is live! :fireworks:

The main highlight of this release is that IDC data is now available in Google Cloud marketplace through the sponsorship from the Google Public Dataset Program!

What this means is that now you can download IDC data either within or out of the cloud for free - data egress costs are covered. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Mike Callaghan, Michael Hamamoto-Tribble, Adler Santos and Nicholas Large at Google for working with us on making IDC data available in Google PDP!

With this release we included several new collections, as well as updates to the existing collections, as summarized in the v5 data release notes.

Updates to the viewers addressed some bugs and feature improvements.

IDC portal updates introduced bug fixes, minor UI features and performance improvements.

(the live dashboard for the screenshot above is available here)


To avoid any possible misunderstanding, all of the IDC data is available in Google Storage buckets that allow free egress out of the cloud.

Most of the data is in Google PDP supported buckets, but some are in IDC-owned buckets. Google would not host collections that have restrictions on commercial use (as an example). Such collections are maintained in IDC-owned storage buckets.

Location of the data has no effect on how it is accessed, and should be transparent the the IDC users.
Out of the cloud egress is free for all of the IDC data, no matter which bucket it is in.