MICCAI 2020 IDC tutorial videos

Here are the videos I prepared for the MICCAI IDC tutorial in October. These are recorded without the assumption that IDC will be publicly available by the time of the tutorial (October 8), since we do not know if that will be possible due to the delays related to security approvals:

Note all of them are currently Unlisted, but I am thinking to make them public after MICCAI (and probably after the broad release of the portal).

They are not polished, quite a few things didn’t go as smoothly as expected, we were debugging some of the components while preparing the videos, and I ran out of time to re-record, but still please let me know if anyone has any suggestions for what should be done differently next time.

Here’s also another video I prepared introducing the IDC users to how to get started with Google Cloud: https://youtu.be/aIjiD0-sQX0 (also unlisted, and note this one will not be shared as is - I need to do more editing). This one is not for MICCAI, but a training material to accompany the documentation.

Really nicely done!
The only comment I have is that the first segment of the “Portal” video is of rather low resolution, and which is particularly apparent on a high res monitor.

Thanks Bill!

Could it be because YouTube shows reduced quality while buffering? I checked and it works for me in high-res from the start. You can force it to show high-res as shown below, I believe it is “Auto” by default:

It must have been as you suggest. It looks fine now.

I did do a short second viewing after reviewing “Cohorts” and before commenting above, and saw the same thing. Perhaps Chrome cached it at low res and played it back on the second viewing.

So, nevermind!