Mislabeled segmentations for NSCLC Radiogenomics

The segmentations in the NSCLC Radiogenomics IDC collection are labeled ‘Heart’ but are clearly not. Are they the tumor segmentations from TCIA dataset?

Can the segmentation names be changed?



@vanossj thank you for pointing this out. I was aware of this mislabeling, but have not raised this issue with TCIA yet. Since TCIA is the provider of this collection, the proper mechanism would be to ask TCIA to fix this mislabeling, which would then propagate into IDC at the next re-ingestion of the dataset.

@kirbyju do you know if TCIA team is aware of this mislabeling and if anything is being planned to fix this issue?

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I’ve just submitted a ticket to TCIA: https://help.cancerimagingarchive.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/TH-53799 (access restricted only to those listed on the ticket). If you are interested, and if you share your email (via private message, if you prefer), I can ask TCIA helpdesk to add you to that ticket so that you can get direct updates from TCIA on this issue.

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll follow up in the helpdesk ticket and would be happy to keep @vanossj updated if you obtain their email address.

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