New in IDC v18: Tissue regions annotations for the rhabdomyosarcoma microscopy collection

Back in Sept 2023 Imaging Data Commons released RMS-Mutation-Prediction collection containing 419 H&E digital microscopy slides collected by the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative from patients endrolled in Children’s Oncology Group and shared by the group of Dr. Javed Khan at National Cancer Institute.

IDC release v18 expands that collection to include expert annotations for 96 of the RMS-Mutation-Prediction slides outlining regions corresponding to tumor subtypes, necrosis and connective tissue. These expert annotations were used to develop the algorithms published by Dr. Khan’s group in this recent article.

The annotations in DICOM SR format are shared on Zenodo here.

Both images and annotations are available under the permissive CC-BY 4.0 license.

To help you get started with this collection, and learn how to work with this rather unusual representation of annotations, we prepared supporting materials that will help you navigate and use this collection.

Start with the custom dashboard here, which summarizes key attributes of the collection, includes pointers to the tutorial notebooks, instructions on how to visualize and download. The video below is a quick demonstration of what you can try on your own!

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