New notebook: experimenting with MedSAM applied to IDC data

If you are in medical imaging, you must have heard about MedSAM. We have recently published a new Colab notebook that demonstrates how you can experiment with MedSAM applied to any of the >50TB of images publicly available from NCI Imaging Data Commons - radiology and digital pathology.

The notebook is here: IDC-Tutorials/notebooks/analysis/MedSAM_with_IDC.ipynb at master · ImagingDataCommons/IDC-Tutorials · GitHub.

We gratefully acknowledge the authors of the MedSAM package for developing the open source implementation of their method and sharing the demonstration notebook, which we adapted to demonstrate integration of the model with IDC data.

If you have any comments about this notebook, if you have any questions about using IDC data, or if you would like to suggest another interesting model - please let us know!

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