Discourse Pro tip: You can edit your post instead of adding a reply to correct something you wrote

It happens to me quite often that I write a post, and then see that I made an error or a typo, or want to rephrase something for clarity.

In such cases it is best to edit your existing post instead of adding a reply to keep the conversation thread concise and easier to follow. You can use the “pencil” icon as shown below to edit your post.

Be aware though that people who use email mode will only see your first version (they won’t get an email of the edits) so they may very well reply to your pre-edited post. So clarifying or correcting typos with edit is good, but try not to change the meaning of the post.

In our setup, if you make your edit within 5 minutes since posting (“editing grace period” setting), it will not be reflected in edit history, and email notifications will not be sent until 10 minutes since posting (“email time window” setting).