How to download lung CT imaging data, including clinical data.

Hello everyone, I have a question about how to download CT imaging data of the lungs, which includes clinical data for my future research. Thank you very much for your help and the contribution value of the open source dataset.

@Gao can you please clarify, is it not clear how to download data from IDC in general, or you are confused specifically about selecting and downloading images that are accompanied by clinical data?

@fedorov Thank you very much for your reply. I cannot find the relevant CT images and corresponding clinical data related to lung cancer, and I am not sure how to download them at high speed.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

The easiest is to go to IDC portal, and select “Lung Cancer” and “CT” modality as filters, and click “Download images” to get the manifest and instructions. This is the link that will have those filters preselected:

After you click “Download images” button the instructions below will show up. Is there anything unclear about those instructions?