How to modify an existing IDC cohort


Hopefully, I didn’t miss this from the documentation: how can I modify a cohort I created in the IDC portal up to the series level? For example, if a patient has multiple studies and I want to get rid of one study (or one/multiple series in a given study)because of motion artifacts, is there a way to do it directly in the portal (for example, using the OHIF viewer)?

Related to the question, is there a way to modify an existing IDC portal cohort from a notebook instance (e.g., Colab, or a VM instance from Google Cloud Platform)?
For example, let’s say I generated a cohort using the IDC portal (Cohort A, containing multiple studies for each patient); I then load this cohort on a notebook instance using BigQuery, do some programmatic actions on the cohort (e.g., select only one study per patient based on some criteria), and generate Cohort B, a subset of Cohort A.
Is there a way to modify the original IDC Cohort A in the portal to match the content of Cohort B?


Thank you for these comments, and you found just the right place to submit this request!

Ability to define cohort at the level of individual cases/studies/series was discussed and we plan to have it in the portal, but it is not yet on the roadmap. Your voice adds to the importance of that feature. We have a related issue in the portal issue tracker here:

No, this is not possible. We would need to think/discuss if/how this could be supported. It is probably most expedient to store the result of your cohort modification as a list of SOPInstanceUIDs in a BigQuery table. This way you can access and share it, but it would not help you access the cohort from the portal. I agree you raise a good point, and I also thought for some time this feature would be important to the users.

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The IDC API (still in test, not yet in production) does provide a way to retrieve and manipulate cohorts programmatically from a notebook. But we do not yet have the filtering ability to exclude specific series or studies. Stay tuned!

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