IDC workshop/tutorial at the 38th NA-MIC Project Week today!

Quite a few of the IDC team members are attending 38th NA-MIC Project Week working on the projects related to DICOM, reproducible analysis workflows, visualization, integration with new tools etc - learn more at the project week page here: Welcome to the web page for the 38th Project Week! | NA-MIC Project Weeks.

Today we will hold a workshop that will discuss some of the projects we have been working on recently that utilize IDC for implementing automatic AI annotation of IDC data, as well as integration of IDC with new image analysis tools and scaling up analysis workflows using CRDC Cloud Resources. It will also include a brief introduction into IDC. If you are interested to learn more, here’s the agenda and logistics information IDC workshop at 2023 Gran Canaria Project Week - Google Docs.

The document contains the section to add questions - feel free to add those in advance of the meeting. We will provide answers in the document.