IDC May 2022 release + IDC Community Office hours

NCI Imaging Data Commons May 2022 release is out!

Before we get to the highlights:

  • Starting next week, we introduce “IDC Community Office Hours”! Please join us on Google Meet at every Tuesday 16:30 – 17:30 (New York) and Wednesday 10:30-11:30 (New York). Everyone is welcome, you can ask any question related to IDC, and I will be there to answer them as much as I can!
  • The purpose of the Office hours is to understand the needs and pain points of our users, provide support, and collect feedback to help us direct our future developments!

Now, to the highlights:

  • Data: This data release introduces the concept of differential license to IDC: some of the collections maintained by IDC contain items that have different licenses. As an example, radiology component of the TCGA-GBM collection is covered by the TCIA limited access license, and is not available in IDC, while the digital pathology component is covered by CC-BY. With this release, we complete sharing in full of the digital pathology component of the datasets released by the CPTAC and TCGA programs, and introduce 2 new radiology collections.
  • Portal: We added support for the selection of the Analysis results collections to the portal! Prior to this feature, it was not possible to see which analysis results are included in the search results, or to select specific analysis results collections. As an example, now if you select “LIDC-IDRI” collection, you will be able to see that there are 3 sets of analysis results accompanying it.
  • Viewers: Updates were focused on bug fixes and small refinements, with most of the effort focused on developing features upcoming in the future releases.

Note the snapshot of the dashboard above captures only the publicly available IDC collections.

(as always, the live dashboard for the screenshot above is available here)