IDC August 2022 release - HTAN collections

NCI Imaging Data Commons August 2022 release is out!


Three new collections contributed by the Human Tumor Atlas Network project have been added! These include multichannel fluorescence imaging data, which is a new type of image data for IDC. Many months of work went into working closely with the HTAN Data Coordination Center team on curating this data, converting into DICOM-TIFF format, and developing new visualization capabilities to support it. We hope you enjoy the result!

New for the v10 release, IDC image files are now available in Google Storage buckets in such a way that does not require user authentication (for those familiar with Google Cloud Storage, the bucket settings are now allUsers instead of allAuthenticatedUsers). We hope this will make IDC data even more accessible.

Recognizing user feedback, we significantly revised the IDC download instructions to hopefully make those more straightforward. You absolutely can download any of the images you see in the IDC portal to your computer, and there is no egress charges!


Relatively minor refinements were implemented in IDC Portal to add visual cues on how to download image files. Download cannot be done directly from the portal, but hopefully revised download instructions make the process more clear. We are always looking for your feedback in refining our documentation!


Capabilities of the IDC pathology Slim viewer in rendering multichannel fluorescence images can now be fully appreciated with the availability of the HTAN collections. Note that selection of channels, opacity and colors can be configured in the user interface, while the default rendering of the preselected channels is configured via DICOM Presentation States.


The collage below is composed of the samples picked from the IDC HTAN HMS collection, as rendered in the IDC pathology viewer.


  • Please drop by IDC Office Hours to ask any questions about IDC: every Tuesday 16:30 – 17:30 (New York) and Wednesday 10:30-11:30 (New York) via Google Meet at .
  • Free cloud credits are available for those who want to explore features of Google Cloud not included in the free tier (e.g., Cloud Compute Engine, Vertex AI, using Healthcare API for your data): apply here


Note the snapshot of the dashboard above captures only the publicly available IDC collections.

(as always, the live dashboard for the screenshot above is available here)