IDC November 2022 release

NCI Imaging Data Commons November 2022 release is out!


Metadata that corresponded to the collections marked as “limited” has been removed from the IDC BigQuery tables. Back in January 2022, we notified the IDC community about retraction of the collections that contained (or might have contained) images of subject heads from public access. IDC had to reciprocate, and all of the image files corresponding to those collections have been removed from IDC storage buckets and DICOM stores. At the same time, the metadata extracted from those files has been removed only in this release.

We added 2 new collections (one of which is accompanied by clinical data that was also ingested) and 5 updated collections from TCIA. See data release notes for details.


The portal has been updated to remove search attributes related to the no longer applicable “limited” access content.

Minor user interface changes were implemented with the goal of improving usability.


If you are attending the Annual RSNA meeting in Chicago and are interested to chat about IDC and see demonstrations, please stop by the IDC booth at the Lakeside Learning center! Andrey Fedorov is attending the conference, and if you would like to arrange for an in-person meeting, please drop a line to so we can schedule a meeting!

IDC will also be present at the RSNA Deep Learning Lab course with the introductory session on how to get started with IDC on Monday at 9am Chicago time.


  • If you have any questions about IDC, you can email them to or start a new thread in this forum.
  • Please drop by IDC Office Hours to ask any questions about IDC: every Tuesday 16:30 – 17:30 (New York) and Wednesday 10:30-11:30 (New York) via Google Meet at .
  • Free cloud credits are available for those who want to explore features of Google Cloud not included in the free tier (e.g., Cloud Compute Engine, Vertex AI, using Healthcare API for your data): apply here


(as always, the live dashboard for the screenshot above is available here)