IDC April 2022 release

NCI Imaging Data Commons April 2022 release is out!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Data: slide microscopy imaging data is now available for all of the TCGA collections and for the NLST collection - that’s the total of >14 TB of new slide microscopy data (if you are curious how to get to this number, check out this query)
  • Portal: you can now choose whether you want to search the collections that are no longer available in IDC, and they are now excluded by default; we also excluded those collections from the overall statistics on the front page, which resulted in the reduction in data summary numbers relative to v7
  • Viewers: we added new features for quantitative microscopy imaging and several performance enhancements, including client-side decoding and color correction of compressed images using WebAssembly as well as transformation and rendering of images using WebGL

Note the snapshot of the dashboard above captures only the publicly available IDC collections.

(as always, the live dashboard for the screenshot above is available here)

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I was not entirely correct in the statement above: we are still missing the pathology images for the TCGA-GBM, TCGA-LGG and TCGA-HNSC collections. The reason is that the radiology imaging for those collections became limited access per TCIA decision.

The good news is that the pathology imaging component of those collections is not covered by TCIA limited access license. In a future IDC release we plan to support differential licenses for the collections, such that the pathology imaging can be available publicly even though the radiology component of the same collection is covered by a limited access license by TCIA. We do plan to have pathology imaging for the TCGA-GBM, TCGA-LGG and TCGA-HNSC collections available publicly in IDC soon.

Thanks to @bill.clifford for noticing this issue in the original release announcement.