Issues with image intensity

I’ve noticed some issues with image intensity normalization within the same scan.

For instance in TCGA-02-0003 Ser: 9 certain slices (e.g. 37/80, 42/80, etc.) appear brighter than other slices.

Is this an issue with the underlying data or an issue with OHIF viewer?

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@Zander the reason for this is because series 9 is a diffusion-weighted image, and most likely the series is a 4-dimensional trace image, where 4th dimension corresponds to the b-value for a given trace image, and there are apparently 5 b-values in that series.

You can see this by observing how the slice location annotation does not change for 5 slices (red arrow below), which means they correspond to the same spatial location.

For the sake of completeness, the study in question is here: Going forward, referencing the specific study is helpful for debugging of the issue. The IDC Viewer URL uses StudyInstanceUID, which is persistent, and can be used to uniquely identify the study in IDC.