Error message in the OHIF Viewer

the OHIF viewer is giving me an error message saying:

“Error loading derived display set: Cannot read property ‘SegmentIdentificationSequence’ of undefined”

It originally appeared when reading any of the LIDC-IDRI dataset case; I’ve tried another dataset (QIN-HEADNECK) and the error persists.

Here is the debug info:

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============= SESSION INFO =============

== App ==
version	4.8.11

== Extensions Versions ==
generic-viewer-commands	4.8.11
cornerstone	2.10.2
vtk	1.10.5
html	1.3.2
microscopy	0.51.4
pdf	1.0.6
com.ohif.dicom-segmentation	0.5.3
rt	0.6.5
dicom-p10-downloader	0.1.6
dicom-tag-browser	undefined

== Browser Info ==
name	 chrome
os	 Mac OS
type	 browser
version	 89.0.4389

== URL ==

== Viewport Layout ==
Rows	1
Columns	1

== Viewports ==


Yes, this is unfortunately a known issue that slipped through our testing. It should be fixed in a matter of days, I hope.

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@giemmecci I admit I don’t know exactly when the production viewer was updated, but segmentation visualization is working now. Please let us know if you see problems.

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Yes! I can confirm the error messages are gone, thank you!