New tutorial: Deploy your own OHIF Viewer on Google Cloud

There will be times when you want to visualize images that you have, which are not included in IDC, or look at the analysis results you prepared for the datasets in IDC. We want to help you apply the same visualization tools we maintain in IDC to your data.

This is why we worked to prepare a new step-by-step tutorial the demonstrates how one can deploy OHIF Viewer as a web application, and use that instance to visualize DICOM data stored in any Google Healthcare DICOM where access is authorized.

Prerequisites for completing this tutorial are rather basic. You will need:

  1. Google account
  2. Create or select a Google Cloud project
  3. Enable billing for your project (you can apply for a project with billing enabled from IDC using this form)

The tutorial is accompanied by Google Colab notebooks that will guide you over the process of deploying your own viewer and populating a DICOM store under your own project with the data, so you can check the deployed viewer if functioning as expected.

Please share your feedback about this tutorial, and any suggestions for other tutorial materials you would like to see from us!

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Where is the tutorial? “new step-by-step tutorial” looks like a hyperlink, but it isn’t one.

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Not sure why the link’s not working from the page. Others are working :thinking: Maybe @fedorov knows how to fix it.

In the mean time here’s the direct link:

thank you for your help

Thank you for pointing this out! I edited the original post to fix the link (“https://” part was missing in the link). Sorry for the confusion.