Just wanted to say hello!

Hi all, Andrey invited CCDH members to Discourse and we’re giving it a shot. So this is my first post to try it out. Just wanted to say hello :-).

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Welcome @melissa!

For those who do not know Melissa Haendel, she is the PI of the Center for Cancer Data Harmonization (CCDH) of CRDC. We at IDC are excited to collaborate with CCDH and are very fortunate to have access to CCDH expertise. It will be wonderful to have your and your team’s participation on this forum, Melissa!

For those interested, one initial project where IDC has been working with CCDH was investigation of harmonizing clinical data accompanying some of the public TCIA collections that will be hosted by IDC. Here’s the ticket where the development is happening: Build a workflow for integrating example IDC data against standardized vocabularies · Issue #4 · cancerDHC/tools · GitHub.

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