Patient and clinical data in TCIA is not standardized in a common format, was this data curated in BigQuery

Is the patient and clinical data presented in BigQuery follows any standardized/interoperable format that is different from the original TCIA format (which varies from a study to another)? e.g. values about “recurrence type” could be “met” in one study or “metastasis” or not provided at all in another study. Any work was done to standardize any clinical or patient values?

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@Abdullah_Awaysheh thanks for reaching out, and welcome to IDC forum!

No, there is no harmonization of the clinical data content. We ingested clinical data available in variety of formats from the original sources to make it easier to explore, subset and join with imaging metadata using BigQuery SQL.

You can learn more about what we did and how to use BigQuery tables with clinical data from this documentation article:

Hope this helps - please let us know if you have any further questions!

@fedorov thanks for the support and the timely response. I will keep reading to learn more…