Error message in exporting cohorts to BigQuery

I am trying to export a cohort I built with the IDC portal to BigQuery. This is a cohort from the TCGA_GBM dataset. However, I receive the following error after trying to export the manifest:

Unable to export cohort file manifest to table canceridc-user-data.user_manifests.manifest_cohort_180_20210426_131409–please contact the administrator.

Would you please help me out with this error?

Below I also upload a screenshot of the errort:

Thank you for the report @po.rouzrokh!

@spaquett is our administrator - can you please investigate, Suzanne?

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Yes, thank you @po.rouzrokh for your report and apologies you are running into an issue.

A GitHub ticket was created to track this defect and it’s resolution.


Thank you both @fedorov and @Madelyn for your kind help. I will follow that GitHub ticket!

This issue should be resolved now, please let us know if you continue experiencing this problem.